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Unit Linked Bonds

  • A Unit Linked bonds is a single premium Whole of Life assurance policy, where a once-off premium is invested in secure units in one or more Unit funds.
  • Unit-linked bonds provide capital growth only.  Income requirements could be met through regular withdrawals.
  • Unit-linked bonds have different funds that you can invest in.  Each fund has individual risks.
  • Some funds offer a form of investment guarantee that can reduce risk.
  • Funds can be matched to your risk tolerance.
  • Transfers between funds are allowed.
  • Typically there is no investment term, however there are initial fees to overcome and there could be exit fees.  Management fees apply.
  • Funds are priced daily; there is a risk of capital loss upon an exit.
  • Funds do accumulate tax-free, however there is an exit tax on capital growth.  There is no USC or PRSI.
  • Minimum investment typically starts at €20,000.
  • Unit-linked bonds are not for short-term savers.  Unit-linked bonds are for investors who can accept a level of risk and tie-up their capital for minimum of 3 to 5 years.


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