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The word ‘budget’ has certainly made its rounds over the past few years among other words that deal with finances.  The dictionary defines a budget as ‘a plan to show how much money a person earns and much they will be able to spend’ or ‘the amount of money you have available to spend’.

A Financial Review takes a look at a client’s financial circumstance or situation.  Similarly to a household budget, we will look at all aspects of a client’s financial condition, assets and expenditures.  The intended result would be a financial plan suitable and customized to each client with an understanding of their unique risk tolerance.

Trillium Financial Services provide customized financial planning.  As a client meets with us, we will go through an assessment and a review of their current financial position and intended financial objectives together.  Once we have a clear picture of our client’s portfolio, we will research products and services that will meet the client’s objectives.  The desired outcome is to have a financial plan that outlines the next steps for the client and serves to guide them toward their financial goals.

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