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Stocks & Shares

  • Stocks or shares are a partial ownership of a publicly traded company.  Stocks can have a combination of capital growth and dividend payments.
  • Not all stocks pay dividends, particularly growth stocks.
  • There is no guarantee of capital and are subject to market risks.
  • Depending on the industry, there could be specific risks.
  • Stock in a different currency will encounter risk due to currency rate fluctuations.
  • Stocks typically keep up with the rate of inflation.  This provides protection from deposits or savings that are not keeping up with inflation.
  • Access to funds is quite easy, as stocks do not have a term.  There are commissions paid on purchase and sale of stocks.
  • Stocks are subject to capital gains tax, if any gains and dividend withholding tax if dividends are paid.  There is an annual capital gain tax relief of €1,270.  Capital losses brought forward can offset capital gains tax.
    • Stocks kept in a portfolio help reduce risks from low interest rate investments.   They are suitable for investors who want capital growth and can accept a higher level of risk.


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